T-Mobile's $15 tethering option, tiered data available this Sunday

The $14.99 monthly unlimited tethering / mobile WiFi hotspot add-on for your phone that T-Mobile promised in time for the holidays will be getting real this weekend, hitting on Sunday, November 14th. Of course, owners of myTouch 4Gs, G2s with the latest firmware update, and a couple other models in the T-Mobile stable have already been enjoying the option, gratis, for a couple weeks -- so it'll be interesting to see how many subscribers they convert for the $15 upcharge. Certainly makes thoseroots seem a little more appealing, doesn't it? Available at the same time will be the new 200MB data option for $10, though it won't be available (smartly) in combination with tethering.

On a related note, Big Magenta will be rolling out two promotional Even More plans on the same date: a 1,500 anytime minute individual package for $79.99 and a 3,000 minute family plan for $149.99, both including unlimited text and web. Both require re-upping your contract and will be available "for a limited time," though the carrier isn't saying just how long that "limited time" may be. Follow the break for the release.

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Even More Promotional Plans
The new Even More Promotional Plans are:
Even More® Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/mo.
Even More® Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/mo.

These new Even More Promotional Plans will be available beginning Sunday, Nov. 14 and will offer unlimited text, unlimited 4G Web, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile and unlimited Nights and Weekends, in addition to the included 1,500 (Individual) and 3,000 (Family) Whenever minutes®. For the same $79.99 price point at AT&T and Verizon, customers only get 900 Whenever minutes and unlimited text.1 These new plans require a two-year contract and will only be available for a limited time.

Previously announced as coming for the holidays:

4G Mobile Data Plans
T-Mobile recently announced two new mobile data plans that now have official names: 4G Web – 200MB plan and the 4G Web – Unlimited plan. These plans will be available for all T-Mobile phones2 beginning Sunday, Nov. 14 and the details of the plans remain the same - the 4G Web – 200MB plan is $10 per month with a new two-year service agreement or contract extension for a limited time or $15 per month with no contract extension, the 4G Web – Unlimited plan is $30 per month.

Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing
T-Mobile recently announced the upcoming availability of a Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing service plan that enables select smartphones to function as wireless modems for connecting devices, such as laptops, tablets and netbooks, to the Internet through the T-Mobile network. Starting Sunday, Nov. 14 T-Mobile customers can add the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan to their 4G Web – Unlimited $30 monthly Even More plan or 4G Web – Unlimited $25 Even More Plus no contract monthly plan for an additional $14.99 per month.