Mac has Blu-ray envy in Microsoft ad

Are Macs envious of Windows 7's ability to play Blu-ray discs? Microsoft seems to think so, as seen in this stop-motion web video highlighting a Windows 7 laptop computer and a jealous MacBook. The MacBook is blown away by the PC's ability to play a Blu-ray disc of Avatar, saying "it feels like we're really in it," and thoroughly enjoying the experience of such a life-like movie. After watching the video, one might think that Apple users cannot watch high-definition movies on their computers, but this is not exactly true.

Apple has avoided supporting Blu-ray so far. Apple instead offers 720p movie downloads as it tries to move us away from using any physical media. I can understand wanting Blu-ray for a home theater set-up -- I have a separate Blu-ray player hooked up to my 47" TV myself -- but I don't really see the need for it when flying on an airplane. A small laptop screen isn't really the format that Blu-ray movies are made for.

Would I like to see Apple support Blu-ray? Absolutely. A friend who uses a Mac mini as his entire home entertainment system says, "It's perfect, except for the fact that I cannot rent or watch Blu-ray discs". Until the day physical media no longer exists, there will definitely be a market for Blu-ray players, especially for use at home -- even if Microsoft has recently joined Apple in downplaying the future of Blu-ray.

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