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Android 2.2 update starts rolling out to unlocked Dell Streaks, includes Stage UI

We've pretty much been waiting on the Dell Streak's Android 2.2 update for as long as the 5-inch tablet / phone has been on the market, and it looks like the time has finally come... well, at least for owners of unlocked Streaks. Word is that Dell has started to push out its over-the-air Froyo update to unlocked Streaks; those that purchased devices locked to a carrier will see the update hit those 5-inch screens sometime in December. (Note: Streaksmart also reports that Dell will start selling an unlocked Streak in the US with Froyo preloaded in the next couple of weeks.) There are details on the entire upgrade process at the source link below, but just as we'd heard, the update includes Dell's new Stage UI, which we've been told will eventually be included as a software layer on all of Dell's consumer devices. We got a chance to see the interface a few weeks ago, and have to say the widget-based UI looks really slick. Those who prefer their Android untouched will be happy to know you can turn off the layer. We'll be doing an in-depth preview of the updated software once it hits our AT&T and O2 Streaks, but until then you can check out a few pictures of the new Froyo goodness below. %Gallery-107464%