Marshall's Major headphones and Minor earphones become official, pricing strikes the right note

It's November 15, which means Marshall is finally lifting the cardboard veil away from its debut personal headgear products. The headliner is unsurprisingly titled the Major, which is the collapsible set of cans you see above. It comes with both 3.5mm and 6.3mm (via an adapter) connectability as well as "super soft" cushions to keep your ears cozy. The exterior of the headband's made up of the same vinyl Marshall uses on its amplifiers, for that extra sense of familiarity, and the price is set at 99, whether you're talking euros or dollars. Similarly currency-agnostic is the Minor set of in-ear drivers, pictured below, which comes in at 59 eurodollars. For that you'll get a tangle-resistant fabric cord with an integrated mic, a patented EarClick system for securing the buds in your ear, and the admiration of consumer types everywhere. Or you would if they hadn't already sold out.

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