Early PSP2 dev kit in the wild?

Well, this is interesting. VG247 has published what it says are pics from an early Sony PSP2 development kit. There isn't much to go by in terms of back story, and in many ways it looks more like a KIRF from Mr. Blurrycam's vintage collection than something for software testing, but let's hear what the site has to say: HD screen, two cameras (front and rear), microphone, two thumbsticks, and a rear "trackpad" of sorts, presumably akin to what we've seen on the PS Phone leak. VG247 later updated to say that a source claims it's an earlier version of the kit and that a revision has since been developed without a sliding screen -- a move to perhaps deal with (also rumored) overheating concerns. We know a PSP2 exists in some form, so this can go one of two ways -- either cleaner shots will be found, or an entirely different leak will surface later. Given the suspect Fall 2011 debut, we have plenty of time to wait around and see.

[Thanks, Ross M -- no relation]