iXtreamer bridges the extreme gap between your iPad and TV

Looking for more than just a regular standalone iPad dock? Then you might want to consider Xtreamer's new iXtreamer system, which is an iPad dock that also doubles as a media streamer. Of course, it will also work with iPhones and iPods, and the "dock" is quite capable all by itself as well -- it'll accommodate a 3.5-inch hard drive and up to two USB hard drives, and it'll support just about any audio or video content you can throw at it, including content stored on your computer or networked hard drive. Interestingly, Xtreamer also notes that it would like to let you use iOS apps on your TV as well, but it says that's up to Apple to allow -- in other words, don't bet on it. Head on past the break for a video overview, and look for the device to set you back €175, or roughly $235.