Kinect data massaged into retro-futuristic 'Box Cloud,' iPad tilts its way into the action

We're sorry if you're like, so over Kinect hacks, but with a million tinkerers just getting warmed up on the thing, we recommend you just get comfortable and try to enjoy it. A new processing app by Chris Rojas takes the distance data and renders objects in neon cubes, with the size of the cube based on the object's distance from the sensor. Sure, it won't cure world hunger, but it looks pretty sweet. Of course, that wasn't good enough, so Chris hooked his app up to TouchOSC on the iPad, which gives him sliders to define and adjust different "planes of interest," along with the accelerometer input of the iPad to control zoom and pan of the virtual camera. Just don't get too close to that sensor, Chris, or the MCP might decide to digitize you entirely! Check out the original, iPad-less Box Cloud video after the break.