Nokia says 'very small' number of N8s aren't turning on, warranty will cover it

We've been getting a few tips this week -- and seeing a few things on Twitter -- saying that N8s are failing in noticeable quantities, but we wanted to hold off until we'd figured out what was really going on. Well, Nokia's own Niklas Savander is commenting on the situation now -- so we'd say it's definitely real -- though he's insisting the number of affected units is "very small" and that the company's normal warranty rules apply, so owners of dead units should contact their local support number. That's all well and good, but getting service on a paperweight is still a bummer, especially when said phone is your primary means of communication -- so let's hope these guys turn around serviced devices in a hurry.

What do you call a dead N8, by the way?

N8 owner: A tragedy
iPhone owner: DOA
Android owner: About as useful as any other N8
N900 owner: A missed opportunity
Store sales rep: Dummy unit
Symbian Foundation employee: Justice
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo: Karma
A goat: Dinner

[Thanks, John]