Palm Pre 2 available unlocked from HP for $450, ships within 24 hours (update: $200 off for devs)

Get your SIMs ready, dear readers, for the unlocked GSM Pre 2 has made its promised debut on HP's online outlet. In spite of looking all too similar to its predecessors, this 1GHz device is still the best (read: only) option for getting your webOS 2.0 action going, so if you simply must have that experience on your smartphone, it's a no-brainer of a decision. HP will ship it to you in exchange for $450 and if all goes to plan, you could be swiping cards off your home screen in buttery smooth fashion by this time tomorrow.

[Thanks, Michael]

Update: Are you a dedicated webOS software developer? Then HP will kindly knock $200 off the price of the unlocked Pre 2 in order to facilitate the free flow of your creative juices. Thanks, Chieze O!