Aliens, strongmen, clowns, and doom featured in new shots from DCUO

DC Universe Online continues to break the boundaries of what makes a great MMORPG. The action-based game by SOE and Warner Bros. features the amazing art of Jim Lee and WildStorm Studio. The riggers and texture artists at SOE's Austin studio have done their best to capture what it feels like to live and breathe in the DC Comics world.

Today, the development team has sent us some brand-new screenshots showcasing the locations your legendary hero can visit in DCUO. If you're a Batman fan, you know Bane, the super-strong villain who pumps himself up on a serum called Venom. And if you don't know the Joker, then you don't know DC Comics. Of course, the Hall of Doom is the underwater fortress at which all the baddy-bads of the world can gather. Brainiac is amassing forces against the research centers at Area 51. Bane's Venom Lab, Joker's Amusement Mile, Area 51, and the Hall of Doom are all featured in the gallery below.

After you check out the screenies, visit the official DCUO website to preorder the game. The next legend could be you!