Sony Ericsson France CEO says Windows Phone 7 handsets aren't likely, neither is a tablet

Still have your hopes up about a Windows Phone 7 slider from Sony Ericsson? Then you might want to dial back those expectations, at least according to Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron. He recently told French newspaper Les Echos that while Sony Ericsson has indeed been in talks with Microsoft about Windows Phone 7, the company is not likely to pursue it because it would "run the risk of standardizing our smartphones," adding that (roughly translated), "we would be obliged to fight only on design and price, which we want to avoid." Perron also seemed to outright dismiss the idea of a tablet from Sony Ericsson (be it Android or otherwise), flatly stating that the company doesn't want to be the "24th" tablet on the market. Of course, it could well be a different story a few months or a year down the line, but it certainly doesn't sound like Sony Ericsson will be straying far from its current strategy at the moment.