Windows Phone 7 hitting Verizon stores 'this holiday season,' according to Microsoft tweet (update)

Looks like Microsoft took Big Red's challenge and decided to respond in kind, as the official Windows Phone Twitter feed claims that Windows Phone 7 devices are finally headed to Verizon. They'll allegedly arrive this holiday season, a good bit earlier than we were told, but we doubt you're exactly dismayed to get your hands on CDMA WP7 phones ahead of schedule. You know how we hate to mince words, but "devices" does suggest more than one phone, and those of you warily eying your local retailer's selection of Christmas lights could even argue that "this holiday season" has already begun. So when, exactly, will we get these handsets... and which ones?

Update: The original entry hasn't been pulled, but there's a brand-new tweet now, reading "Verizon is a valued partner and we look forward to seeing Windows Phone 7 devices in their stores in 2011," which doesn't quite refute the idea of seeing devices in time for Yuletide too. Needless to say, we've pinged Verizon and hope to clear up this matter soon.

[Thanks, Jay and Jonathan D.]