Delta's JFK terminal now home to 200 iPads, a few more enticing eateries

America can't say that it wasn't sniped by Malaysia Airlines when it comes to having iPads in the airport, but we'll take late over never any day of the week. New York's JFK airport is now home to 200 iPad tablets, all of which are located within Delta's terminal. They're being installed in cooperation with OTG Management, mostly in eateries -- "Croque Madame, a French restaurant at Gates 21 and 22 in Terminal 2; and Bar Brace, a casual Italian restaurant at Gate 15 in Terminal 3." As you'd expect, customers can order food from the iPad in order to have it delivered directly to them. It lacks that certain Sonic Drive-In appeal, but the ability to also use the iPad to check your email, have a look at the latest sports scores and attempt to jailbreak it for the next patron more than compensates. OTG doesn't plan to put a time limit on the usage here (you'll still need to make your connecting flight, remember?), and it's hoping to engage in a similar installation over at LaGuardia in due time. No word on whether these things will censor any and all Google searches on "uncomfortable TSA pat-downs," though.