Digital photo frames top list of least-wanted holiday gifts, better find those receipts

Finished your holiday shopping already? That's good news, but if you've made any purchases from the following list of goods you might just want to think about just going ahead and taping that gift receipt right to the bottom of the box. A survey from the British Video Association shows that digital photo frames are the least-wanted holiday gadget among those who consider themselves worthy of receiving gifts this year, beating out all-time flops like foot massagers, electric shavers, and those poor bread makers destined to make a single, crusty loaf before being permanently relegated to their box. Granted this was a survey of British holiday folks and so Ma and Pa Apple Pie may have somewhat different desires, but a quick poll among Engadgeteers confirms that digi frames do indeed fall squarely in the "no, really, you shouldn't have" category. Oh, and if you're wondering what you should get your loved ones this holiday season, we can help.