Edible iPhone birthday cake

iPhone iCake

And you thought that store-bought $10 cake you got for your birthday was cool. Sure to be the envy of Apple fanboys everywhere, Chris Samuels -- an independent iPhone and iPad developer -- received this detailed iPhone cake for his birthday from his wife Cath.
Everything on (and inside) the cake is edible, with the icons carefully made from frosting and food coloring. With all the work that must have gone into this cake it would almost be sad to eat it. Almost.

This certainly isn't the first Apple device made in cake form. Check out this iPhone wedding cake, these icon cupcakes and this tasty chocolate Apple I cake.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Samuels. We look forward to seeing what Cath makes for you next year. Maybe a chocolate-covered iPad? Some iChocolates? Be sure to let us know!