Nikon concept cameras surface, spark rumor mill

Is the future of photography painted in Kubrick white? It is if you believe Nikon and Canon. We've seen the latter's concept in much more detail, and now a handful of pics from the Nikon Sapporo Showroom have surfaced, showcasing at least one similarly unpigmented design. The other two models, snapped and found via burner-images, look like more run-of-the-mill DSLRs, but the one that's causing a stir online is the all-white model that originated from DCHome forums. The original poster chimes in to say it might be the EVIL camera, but we're not exactly convinced. For starters, the body doesn't look much smaller or different than the rest of its lineup -- not exactly what we'd expect for a "new market" product, as the company reportedly wants its mirrorless shooter to be. Additionally, as noted by a number of Nikon Rumors commenters, that apparently 18-55mm lens implies it's rocking an APS-C sensor. Of course, if we saw the other side, we could see whether or not it had a viewfinder, which does narrow down the possibilities. So in conclusion, we still don't know what it is, or if we ever will with any certainty, but we're making an educated guess as to what it isn't. Got that? Good.