Verizon launching LTE network in December 2010 (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.22.10

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Verizon launching LTE network in December 2010 (video)
Verizon's been talking details on LTE deployment for some time now, but even at CTIA earlier in the year, the carrier insisted that it would be the first half of 2011 before the next-gen network was active in the US of A. Now, it looks as if the engineers have been working triple-time in order to get Long Term Evolution live in the States under Big Red's branding, as a new VZW commercial (embedded after the break) has affirmed that the first LTE waves will go public here in December 2010. Yeah, next month. Granted, there's no information beyond the date, but at least we shouldn't have to ponder long which devices will be first out of the gate. Here's hoping Santa's wish list has room for one more thing.

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