Dell tweaks its logo just subtly enough for nobody to notice

A vital, mind-boggling stat: back in 2007, Dell used to have 800 creative teams churning away on its brand identity around the globe. Talk about fragmentation! Well, the company that Michael built wasn't happy with the disparate messages its ever so slightly different logo variations were sending to customers, and so over the summer it introduced a definitive new design. Yes, to most people it's just a blue circle wrapped around the familiar all-caps name and tipsy E, but oh no, it's so much more. For starters, that new blue is a custom shade that you won't find in any conventional color book, now called Dell Blue, and it's seconded by a Dell Gray (fitting for a business-centric operation) and a whole palette of specially selected extra colors. Additionally, the lettering is now a little taller and squarer, with the E extending above and below its brethren by tiny little bits. Oh, and there's an exciting new typeface for the company's slogan -- check it out after the break.