Motorola Defy 'expected' to get Android 2.2 in Q1 2011, says O2 Germany

Though we loved the Defy, we were quick to admonish Motorola for having the stones to release a phone this late in the game running Eclair; after all, Froyo's been on retail devices since June, so rocking 2.1 on a new release is just a little insulting. How long is the wait going to be until we're upgraded? Hard to say -- but thanks to a helpful tweet, O2 Germany seems to have narrowed it down to the first quarter of next year, which means some time between January and March. Now, that doesn't mean T-Mobile USA customers will be getting it in the same time frame, of course -- but as with many Motorolas, we think the main challenge is updating Blur, and once that happens, updates should start to trickle out around the world in relatively rapid succession. Famous last words, we know.

[Thanks, Mario]

Update: As commenter Tiny_kawa notes, Motorola's official roadmap is listed here, which lists second quarter '11 for the Defy's upgrade in Europe -- so we're wondering if O2's getting early dibs, or if they're just being optimistic. Sadly, there's no listing for T-Mobile USA's version just yet.