Shocker: your family is probably checking their email at Thanksgiving dinner while you tell that awesome story about that one time in Vegas

Well, this can't really come as a surprise to anyone living in the 21st century, but it seems that Americans are so attached to their email checking habits, they can't even break them for holidays like Thanksgiving. As anyone who has ever been at an Engadget team dinner can attest to, the tendency of people -- even in social situations -- these days is to stay connected no matter what. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that people find spending time with their family on holidays to be stressful enough that they consider checking work emails to be a welcome distraction. Some other choice nuggets surfaced in the survey: about 67 percent of men and 50 percent of women say they check their email during holidays, and a small number -- about 10 percent -- said they "feel pity" for those who send email during off times. Yeah, seriously... losers.