Urban Ears Tanto multicolor headphones are a grab bag of ugly, but still cooler than you

Everyone knows that the only way to prove your non-conformity is to wear multi-colored headphones. At least that seems to be the theme Urban Ears is hinting at via its Tanto headphones, which are assembled from randomly colored parts at the factory -- if that somehow wasn't clear enough from the image above. Besides a terrible aftertaste of the 80s, these cans feature handmade 40mm drivers, an inline remote with a multi-function button for answering calls / controlling music, and even a microphone -- making them ironically friendly for modern-day smartphone owners. Urban Ears even includes a few additional cables to ensure the headsets work with stereo sources and Nokia phones. These vivacious fellows are on sale now for $47 in limited quantities -- if you like what you see, grab a pair before the remainder-part supply bins run dry.