Iris Online heads into open beta today

Looking at the above screenshot of a party going on in Iris Online, you can tell immediately whether this is the type of game you will enjoy. For some, those crazy, brightly colored worlds full of goofy fun are absolutely their thing. For others, not so much. With that said, if you're the type who digs crayola-colored silliness in MMO form, then you'll likely be interested to know that Iris Online is headed into open beta today!

Offering three races (humans, elves, and part-animal humanoids), some of the most horribly adorable mounts we've seen in a while, a card system allowing you to morph your character, a level cap of 55, and 20 areas to explore, Iris Online has quite a bit to offer new players. After all, it's not every day that you get to go up against a world full of carnival-themed monsters who fling pies. If it sounds like your idea of fun, you can head over to the Iris Online site to get signed up for open beta, or check out the trailer we've lovingly tucked behind the cut for your amusement.