LG BD690 is the first Blu-ray player certified for Wi-Fi Direct, keeps Bluetooth paranoid

The possibilities teased in 2009 by Wi-Fi Direct have probably kept Bluetooth up at night, and we're sure the commencement of device certification last month hasn't helped, either. Now the LG BD960 has emerged as the first Blu-ray player on the Wi-Fi Direct certification list, hinting direct P2P communication in our home theaters among WiFi devices (without the need for a routing middleman) could soon go from fiction to fact. Unfortunately, mum's still the word on shipping and pricing. The mere chance however that the player could stream content to any other WiFi-equipped device -- Direct certified or not -- is a big enough deal to give our dedicated media streamers Defarge-like glances already. Particularly, if the BD960 comes packed with features similar its suspected predecessor the LG-BD390, which can stream both Netflix, Vudu, and DLNA network content, as well as play DivX HD 1080p content. Until more details surface though, we'll simply have to keep reminding our poor Galaxy S that it isn't destined to be alone in this cold, cruel world forever.