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Squirt water gun robot pesters raccoons, takes orders from Android (video)

It's not uncommon to see Mr. Android and Sir Arduino team up in the world of homegrown robotics, but Squirt has managed to hop out of the me-too crowd with a downright charming control scheme (and even more charming looks). Put simply, this water gun robot was designed to "water plants and chase away raccoons," but from a broader perspective, the creator was looking to demonstrate how robotics could be used in small irrigation and well systems. Better still, this is far more than just a robot that's controlled remotely via smartphone; if you switch it into 'guard mode,' it'll search and destroy -- pelting anything "that moves" with a blast of water. And yeah, it can also be controlled via SMS, so even the cats can't celebrate too quickly once the owner heads out for work. Hit the source link to find out more on how this masterpiece was constructed, or head beyond the break for a quick demo vid.

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