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Uncharted movie to star Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has confirmed in an MTV interview that he expects to star in the Uncharted film. The actor, who also starred in ill-fated film-to-game adaptation Max Payne, says director David O. Russell (who he had previously worked with on Three Kings and The Fighter) plans to start shooting next summer. This, of course, means the geek-approved casting of Nathan Fillion in the role of Nathan Drake is out.

Although Wahlberg never specifically says he'll play the role of Nathan Drake, it was strongly implied by the actor when he said that Russell wants to cast Joe Pesci as his uncle and Robert De Niro as his father. Wahlberg says the movie is not going to be a "watered-down version, that's for sure." After all, with so many actors who can expertly deliver an f-bomb, it would be a shame if the T-rated game doesn't become an R-rated spectacle. Check out the MTV interview after the break.