Nexus S poses for Mr. Blurrycam, flaunting those signature curves

That fine bastion of cellular modding prowess known as XDA-developers received some particularly savory snaps this fine Thanksgiving morn -- spy shots of Samsung's elusive Nexus S running an operating system that looks uncannily like Gingerbread, which it calls "Android version 2.3," and sporting a new back cover that would look perfectly normal on the original Samsung Galaxy S, if not for the extra curves. XDA's source also claims it has a 720p video camera, though other specs are still a little shaky. To be clear, this is most definitely the phone that Eric Schmidt showed us at the Web 2.0 Summit, though the rear cover looks much further along -- assuming Samsung hasn't scrapped it for a dual-core version, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw it again in person quite soon. Hit up our source link for some shots of a green-and-black operating system running on that AMOLED screen.

[Thanks, Sid]