Panasonic's Evolta robot finishes 500-kilometer trek ahead of schedule

It may just be an elaborate stunt to promote batteries, but it's hard not to get a little caught up in Evolta's 500-kilometer trek from Tokyo to Kyoto, which finally came to an end this week after two months on the road -- ahead of schedule, no less. Aided by a team of "Evolta Sisters," the pint-sized robot hauled a dozen AA Evolta batteries in a cart the whole way, and guided itself by following an infrared signal from a device pushed in front of it -- a few other ground rules also allowed it to be carried up stairs, and the bot didn't walk at night or in the rain. Even still, 500 kilometers is 500 kilometers (or 317 miles, if you prefer), and that's a long way for any robot to walk. Head on past the break for a video recounting some of the journey.