UbiWorkshop selling mysterious 'superhero' concept art on shirts

Ubisoft won't say what this 'superhero' concept design is for ... but it'll happily sell you a t-shirt of that design. Perhaps later, when the company actually reveals what this design (featuring "an old-time soviet exoskeleton?") is about, you'll be really cool for having the shirt even before it became a thing.

The design comes from UbiWorkshop's Concept Lab. Ubi's Julien Cuny teased some of the possible destinations for these images: "A comic book? Animated movie? Or live-action? A novel maybe? Anime? I don't know... a boardgame? Again, it's obviously not a video game..." Obviously? Again? The only "answer" provided is, "The best Superheroes are the ones you've never heard of," which suggests that the new property is about Batman erasing the entire world's memory.

The shirt will only be offered through December 6, for $20 CAD (also about $20 USD).