MIT developing smart adaptive LED lighting system to reduce energy use by up to 90 percent

It's very well that manufacturers are constantly pushing for more efficient LEDs, but we can do better than that: what if we could have an LED lighting system that pumps out just the right amount of juice to suit our changing environment? That's exactly what the tree huggers at MIT are working on right now. Said adaptive system relies on a small box that not only acts as a position tracker, calibrator and sensor for the dimmable overhead LED fixtures, but also lets the user set the desired tone and light intensity for the room. In other words: no matter how sunny or cloudy it is outside, you'll still be comfortably basking in the same steady shine in your room, while also saving up to 90 percent of energy. Our guess is that Philips -- the project's sponsor -- will eventually release a product based on this technology, but for now, you can see the system in action after the break (from 1:07).