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Adafruit Propeller Platform USB entices DIY electronics builders, 'Gadget Gangsters' at large

It's days like today where you realize just how badly you need to scratch that DIY itch, and Adafruit's newest two circuit boards couldn't be landing at a more opportune time. Both of these bad boys are classified as Gadget Gangsters, which makes 'em viable for purchase without any additional investigation. Should you choose to, however, we'll have you know that the Propeller Platform USB is an open-source platform for building your own electronics projects with a new eight-core Parallax Propeller chip; the ProtoPlus model adds video / audio support as well as a "prototyping area." Tutorials are available in the source links for those inexperienced with Spin, and at just $50 / $15 (respectively), we'd say they're well worth the purchase if you're looking to simply get your toes wet. Better known as "become hopelessly addicted to modding" 'round these parts.