Motorola Olympus hitting AT&T in 'December or January,' says now-deleted Facebook post

Excited for Tegra 2 to finally take the Android smartphone world by storm? Recent leaks out of LG and Motorola certainly suggest that NVIDIA's finally going to make some inroads with its silicon somewhere around the Gingerbread or Honeycomb time frame -- and that might happen sooner rather than later if a posting on Facebook is to be believed. Remember that shiny black Olympus (pictured above) that leaked last week? Someone in the captain's chair of one of AT&T's official Facebook accounts responded to a question about availability of the phone earlier today, matter-of-factly reporting that "the Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January." We would've been willing to chalk it up to confusion on an employee's part, but the post was later removed without a trace, and a follow-up with AT&T elicited a standard "we don't have any information to share about upcoming devices" response. The company claims the posting was made "erroneously," and we'll agree with them on at least one level: neither AT&T nor Motorola intended for that information to slip out today.