O2 Germany hooks up lucky LTE testers for free during six-month trial

Network trials occasionally benefit from real-world testing -- and nothing is better at real-world testing than... well, real-world testers. To that end, O2 Germany is going to start hooking up some of its customers with LTE next month free of charge for a solid half year, during which they'll have access to either a USB modem or an in-home LTE router along with an unlimited data plan. So far, O2's seen downlink speeds shoot as high as 93Mbps, a pretty amazing figure for any large-scale 4G network at this point -- though it goes without saying that the speeds will likely fall back into the realm of normalcy when more users start getting tacked on. The trial will be available in Ebersberg, Munich, Teutschenthal, and Halle initially... so if you want in, you'd better pack up your things and move awfully quick.

[Thanks, Andy S.]