Samsung releases 'GPS Restore' app for Captivate and other Galaxy S models

Seems Samsung still hasn't solved the GPS woes on many of its Galaxy S models to the satisfaction of every user -- complaints of inordinately long (or impossible) lock times continue to trickle into our inbox to this very day. To that end, folks might be interested in the news that Samsung Mobile is tweeting about a "GPS Restore Application" that it's thrown together for wiping the GPS subsystem and making it factory-fresh. Now, we'll be the first to admit -- we don't quite understand how "restoring" a screwed-up GPS to its original screwed-up state is doing any good, but we'll leave it to Sammy's confusing verbiage:

"During online surveillance, there is an abundance of GPS tweaks that impair GPS performance. Often times, no backup is performed to restore values prior to modifications. Samsung has released an application that restores GPS settings to recommended factory defaults for optinum [sic] performance."

Right, then. It's only compatible with the Captivate and Vibrant at the moment -- no word on others like the Epic 4G, Mesmerize, or Fascinate, but folks on AT&T and T-Mobile should be able to nab it from the Market.