Sanyo Pedal Juice battery pack powers your wah-wah without distortion

A good roadie can be identified by two things: a wardrobe composed entirely of darks and bulging pockets full of batteries. Sanyo would like to let those tireless workers downsize to some slimmer black jeans with its new Pedal Juice battery pack, which is rocking a little Eneloop technology inside and can power a whole slew of daisy-chained devices. Charge it up for 3.5 hours and it'll provide 9V DC of output to whatever you like, powering a 10mA effects pedal for a whopping 50 hours. That's about 10 times longer than a simple 9V battery and, unlike one of those, the Pedal Juice will provide a constant 9V right up until it's dead. It even promises less electrical interference than using an AC adapter. All that for $149.99, which may sound like a lot for a battery pack, and it is, but real musicians know that success doesn't come cheap.