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Eizo's DuraVision LCD does glasses-free 3D at 1080p, is totally bezelriffic

Looking like something that escaped from the bridge of the U.S.S. Palomino is Eizo's DuraVision FDF2301-3D, a dark, menacing visage containing a 23-inch LCD. It sports a full HD resolution and can display content in 3D, but its real trick is that it can do so without glasses. Yes, deep within that dark and angular exterior is the necessary set of hardware to ensure that two eyes see two separate images, supposedly without any of the weirdness we've seen with other glasses-free displays. The penalty is of course its imposing bulk and what will surely be an imposing price. No cost has been set, but indications are that it will cost many thousands of dollars -- not that it'll ever hit retail.