Keepin' it real fake: Mini Galaxy S gazes meaningfully skyward next to a mini grand piano

If you were going to make a "mini" version of something else you'd probably want it to be significantly smaller. However, this "i9000 Mini" smartphone, cheekily adorned with both Samsung and Galaxy S branding, isn't any more svelte than the phone it is most certainly trying to be. If our eyes don't deceive us it's even fatter, though the capacitive touchscreen is indeed a half-inch smaller, down to 3.5-inches, and rather than being wide VGA it is instead half VGA -- doing with a measly 320 x 480 pixels. And no, it sure isn't AMOLED. Other specs include a five megapixel camera, 512MB of ROM and RAM, and dual SIM support. Roll with this 1,480 yuan (about $200) phone and you'll be rolling with Android 2.1, but the manufacturers promise it'll be updated to 2.2 in just a few weeks. If you can't trust a company that steals another company's design, logo, and trademarks, who can you trust?