Sonos job opening signals entry into wireless home theater audio?

Well now Sonos, what's this? A job opening for a Senior Product Manager to help the company "re-invent home theater sound for the digital age." More specifically, the position will be responsible for leading "new product creation teams." Hard to say for sure, but sophisticated wireless audio for home theaters certainly sounds like a safe refuge now that Marantz, Denon, JBL, iHome, B&W, and countless others will soon be competing with Sonos' whole-home distributed audio solutions just as soon as Apple's new AirPlay technology can gain traction. Besides, just picture a fully synchronized wireless 7.1 channel surround speaker system that requires just a few minutes to setup and works as robustly as Sonos' other streaming audio gear. We imagine that it wouldn't take too many tweaks to Sonos' existing software and hardware (you can already convert two S5 all-in-one speakers into a more powerful stereo pair) to pull it off. And anyone who's ever tried to cleanly wire a home theater for multichannel sound will surely understand why the prospects of going wireless have us more than a little intrigued.