How would you change Roku's XDS media streamer?

2010 may arguably be the year of the tablet, but darn if media streamers aren't breathing down their neck. This year, we've seen an explosion in the quantity and quality of media streamer options, with even the mighty Google buying in via its Google TV solution. One of the earlier birds, Roku, decided to dole out an updated box just a few months ago, and now it's competing against the Apple TV, a few WD TV Live units, D-Link's Boxee Box and scores of integrated options within HDTVs. At $99, there's an awful lot of choices on the market, but we're curious to know how XDS early adopters would tweak and / or overhaul things if given the golden opportunity. Would you change the exterior at all? How about the user interface? Add any content partners? How's the remote control situation treating you? Think of comments below like you would an AA meeting -- speak your heart and wait for nods. We're all one in this brainstorming bubble.