Android 2.3 definitely supports game controls, may (or may not) be PlayStation-related

Google's really been big today on emphasizing that Gingerbread is better than ever for game development, and that's already bearing itself out thanks to a page culled from the Android 2.3 SDK where we see a handful of new keycodes in the system clearly targeted for gaming: L1, L2, R1, R2, Select, Start, and so on. Does it have anything to do with the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 and all the PlayStation phone noise, though? We imagine it lays some of the groundwork, but all told, it's hard to say -- after all, PlayStation famously uses shapes for its primary controls, and we wouldn't be surprised if Sony were working on a separate development environment of some sort for PlayStation-branded titles rather than letting it all flow through the official Android SDK proper. We also don't yet know whether Sony Ericsson's gaming efforts are coming in the Gingerbread or the Honeycomb timeframe (though we're definitely expecting news next February at MWC), but one way or another, game devs should find it a little easier now to map the controls they need.