Motorola Android tablet prototype makes a cameo at D: Dive Into Mobile running Honeycomb

Google's Andy Rubin brought more than just a Nexus S in his bag of goodies tonight. On stage at D: Dive Into Mobile, the man has brought with him a prototype Android tablet from Motorola. It's got video chat, an NVIDIA processor, a "dual core 3D processor," and... oh yeah, it runs Honeycomb, not Gingerbread. Little else is known -- Rubin immediately turned his attention to a new release of Google Maps -- but we wouldn't be surprised if we were looking at Stingray, a tablet rumored for a launch on Verizon shortly. Is it seven inches? Ten? We honestly don't know -- but our gut tells us on the bigger side of the spectrum, which would line up with rumblings that the Stingray would in fact be a full ten inches diagonally. Feast your eyes on our pics below!
Updated: Video after the break!