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MantaroBot telepresence robot works via Skype, offends our aesthetic sensibilities

We don't see much in this space from Mantaro, an engineering and development company that usually works on things like network management systems and switches for telecoms. That's why we were pleasantly surprised when the company announced an affordable telepresence robot. How affordable, you ask? Well, in a marketplace where these things can easily cost well over ten grand, MantaroBot can be yours for a cut-rate $3,500. Unfortunately, in a marketplace where these things can easily cost over ten grand, MantaroBot also looks like it cost a cut-rate $3,500. But you know what? Sometimes one must choose function over form. And what you get here is pretty straightforward: the remote operator steers the robot and communicates using a Skype plug-in (PC only) that also allows 180 degree panning and tilting of the onboard HD camera. This bad boy also features infrared sensors for obstacle detection, communication link monitoring (if you go offline, MantaroBot stops in its place) and more. Available now. PR after the break.

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New in Telepresence Solutions: The MantaroBot TelePresence Robot Works with Skype

Mantaro launches a cost-effective TelePresence Robot that via a plug-in works with Skype to allow users to easily be virtually present at remote locations.

Germantown, MD (PRWEB) December 7, 2010

Mantaro, a products and embedded product development services firm, announced today the launch of the MantaroBot™, an affordable, flexible option among telepresence solutions. The high-definition, wireless, compact robotic telepresence system works with Skype™ via a plug-in. It operates on a mobile platform that allows a user to be virtually present wherever the MantaroBot is located and move around and interact with people.

"At $3,500, the MantaroBot introduces a new level of accessibility for mobile, wireless remote conferencing," states Jeremy Parsons, CEO of Mantaro. "We've integrated robotic telepresence technology and software to provide a very cost effective and easy to use video telepresence experience."

As with other telepresence solutions, the MantaroBot frees the user from the traditional fixed location of video conferencing equipment and unleashes them into a higher level of interaction and feeling of presence. However, with the Skype™ plug-in, the advantages of mobile, wireless video conferencing are uniquely accessible, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

Control of the MantaroBot is managed with an intuitive software application on the user's PC, sending speed and direction instructions to the MantaroBot. The MantaroBot is also equipped with a user controlled 180 degree pan and 180 degree tilt high definition camera that allows a full survey of the surroundings without moving the MantaroBot.

"Mantaro has leveraged our multi-disciplined engineering experience to produce a very useable and cost effective telepresence robot. MantaroBot remote conferencing can be used for various applications. We plan to use the MantaroBot to enhance our own customer experience during conference calls," says Jeremy Parsons CEO of Mantaro.

Applications include:

* Attending meetings when working from home
* Touring a field office or factory floor and interacting with employees or customers
* Allowing medical patients to "virtually" be at home and interact with family
* Managing distance education or corporate training

Mantaro is taking orders for the $3,500 MantaroBot with shipments scheduled for February 2011. More information about the MantaroBot™ is available at the Mantaro website.

About Mantaro:
A products and product development services firm founded in 2001, Mantaro develops and sells products for a wide range of markets. Mantaro also provides a full range of engineering design services to its clients. The technical staff comprises highly talented full-time professional engineers with a history of successful new product development and innovating design experience. Mantaro serves consumer, government, industrial, medical, telecommunications, test & measurement, and transportation industries, and is located in Germantown, Maryland.