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Samsung makes an Android 2.2 clamshell; unless you're in China, you can't have it

It's not every day you see an old-school clamshell running Android, and really, there's a great reason for that: when your entire UI is touch-centric, putting the screen a few inches away from the user's thumb is a usability nightmare waiting to happen. Be that as it may, Samsung's rolled out a fairly sophisticated new folder in China under the name SCH-W899 that features not one, but two separate 3.3-inch Super AMOLED displays on either side of the phone's top half. You've got a 5 megapixel camera, 512MB of onboard storage expandable with a 32GB microSD slot, CDMA EV-DO compatibility for service on China Telecom, GSM roaming capability, and -- of course -- the kind of respect that only comes with using a phone with gold accents. We wouldn't expect to see this one in the Western Hemisphere apart from the rare import, so if you were thinking of getting into the collectible Android phone business, there might not be a better time. Lucrative, we hear.

Bonus points: count the number of gratuitous lens flares on the phone's official product page.