Was the Nexus S nearly the Nexus Two?

Close your eyes: imagine an alternate universe where almost nothing you know holds true. A place where your entire system of beliefs has been torn asunder, flipped on its end for seemingly no reason whatsoever. How would you manage? How would you know right from wrong, up from down? Okay, now open your eyes, and feast them on this image -- proof that we came indescribably close to making that frightening, foreign world a reality. Seems the Nexus S that we all know today was at one time known as the Nexus Two -- internally, anyway -- because Google's official YouTube page for the phone makes numerous calls to a domain by the name of "" (and yes, is a Google-owned domain). Why the name change happened is anyone's guess; could've been Sammy's desire to tie it in with the Galaxy S line, could've been Google's long-term goal to avoid the Nexus Six Bladerunner reference, could have been Rubin's last-minute whim. Whatever the case, thank goodness we all came out of this brush with destiny alive and relatively unhurt.

Note: We're aware of the discussion that Samsung allegedly "didn't want to be number two," hence the "S" -- but whether the story is true, it's interesting to see just how close the Nexus Two name seems to have come to retail.