EVO Shift 4G (aka HTC Knight / Speedy) shows up in accessory pics, exhibits dubious dress Sense

Can't have enough Androids in your life? Well, here's another one! Alternately known as the Knight or the Speedy, HTC's upcoming Android device has made a couple of premature photo appearances in an effort to help sell some cases for its future self. The guys at HTCPedia report they have all the cases in their imagery in stock and confidently identify the Speedy Knight as a 3.7-inch QWERTY slider, while the phone's UI and rear inscription leave no doubt about it running HTC's Sense skin for Android. The likeliest scenario for this phone's retail future is that it'll be dubbed the EVO Shift 4G and exploit Sprint's WiMAX airwaves, leaving the only unresolved issue as a one-word query: when?