Inventec ships 60,000 Chrome OS netbooks to Google, says 'let the testing begin!'

Chrome OS, or "Chrome without any OS getting in its way" as we like to call it around these parts, finally got its first bit of dedicated hardware yesterday in the Cr-48 testing device. This not-for-sale, unbranded laptop will be distributed to developers and curious onlookers via the Chrome OS Pilot Program, which we already warned you will have a limited number of machines available. Now we can be a little more precise about that limitation with official word from Inventec placing current shipments to Google at a total of around 60,000. That's not to say that it'll be the final tally of Cr-48s, if anything this just means there's decently rich availability for the starting cohort of recipients, but we know you like numbers so thought we might as well share that one with you.

Update: We've just heard from Inventec directly, and while that 60K number may indeed be legit, it didn't come from the company's official mouthpiece. Just thought you might want to know.