TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM ET: Printers, iPad docks, and Office '11

This afternoon on TUAW TV Live, I have some rather fascinating demos to show you.

First, I'll be using a new HP Photosmart C310a e-All-in-One printer to demonstrate how printing from an iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.2 is supposed to work. This printer is one of a handful that supports ePrint and zero-configuration printing, so you can literally set up the printer to work with Macs, PCs and iDevices without installing a driver anywhere, or print anything that you can email. It's an interesting look at the future of printing.

Next, I'll be demonstrating a new iPad dock with speakers, the PadDock 10 from SMK-Link. For those who want to use their iPads to show off media, the PadDock 10 is a useful docking station for viewing, listening, syncing and charging your device.

I also took advantage of a Cyber Monday sale to get a family pack for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Home and Student Edition, and I'll show you some of the features of the new Office suite. Hint: it's fast. Damned fast.

Of course, we'll have some time to talk about whatever else is new in the world of Apple. Whether it's rumors of the iPad 2, the competition or just chatting about the coolest app you've ever used, we'll spare some time for your input and comments.

If you've never watched TUAW TV Live, you're in for a treat. The show is about an hour long, and you not only see streaming video of some of the latest and greatest Apple technology, but you can also participate through our chat tool. To watch and participate in the show, just be sure to come back to at about 4:55 PM ET for full instructions on how to join in on the fun.