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iTunes' 90-second song previews go live on select songs, US-only for now

Apple's flipped the switch on extending iTunes preview clips to the totally revolutionary length of 90 seconds. Only songs that last for two and a half minutes or longer and a limited number of artists are benefiting from this change -- which seems to be of Apple's unilateral doing -- and it's only effective in the US iTunes Store. Trust us, we checked our UK accounts and were met with those mediocre, entirely unsatisfying 30-second previews on everything. We reckon there's still a little more intrigue left in this tale, particularly when it comes to propitiating the record labels and securing international deals, but we'll leave those negotiations to the well shaven dudes in expensive suits -- for you and us, there's a whole load of Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West stuff to go and preview.