Tascam introduces Portastudio, 4-track recording on your iPad

It was about 30 years ago that Tascam introduced the first 4-track cassette recorder -- the Portastudio 144. In 1984, Tascam introduced the Porta One, a revolutionary product that many would argue kick-started the home recording studio as we know it today. Many artists demoed their music on the Portastudio, and some even released records recorded entirely on a Portastudio.

Now, Tascam has released Portastudio for the iPad. Faithfully modeled after the Tascam Porta One, the Portastudio app has four tracks to record onto (one at a time), VU metering, high and low EQ, panning and a vintage vibe cassette transport and counter to track your position. It does look remarkably like the original Porta One.

Once you've finished your production, you can mix down your recordings to a CD quality WAV file that will land in your iTunes library.

The Portastudio will use the iPad's built-in mic or a mic plugged into the tablet's headphone jack. Tascam says that Portastudio for iPad doesn't officially support class-compliant audio interfaces, but they do acknowledge that some have worked in testing when plugged in through Apple's Camera Connection Kit. It's also been reported that some USB microphones will work with the iPad through Apple's Camera Connection Kit, too. Naturally, It goes with out saying that the better the mic, the better the quality of your recording.

Portastudio is available on the App Store for US$9.99.

[via Engadget]