Windows Phone Android launcher brings Metro UI's simplicity, but none of its joy

Need to have the latest and greatest, but can't stand the sameness on tap? You can easily spruce up your Android device with some Windows Phone 7 window dressing to impress your fanboy friends. Mind you, the "Windows Phone Android" launcher -- now available in Android Market -- isn't good for more than a practical joke or three, as it's buggy, doesn't run on all phones (our Droid 2 failed, and we're hearing some Galaxy S derivatives aren't supported), doesn't support notifications, and doesn't even have those fancy auto-updating Live Tiles. No, what you're looking at here is just a stack of square icons to launch your apps, and a second pane with a vertically scrolling list of the same. Until some brave soul brings us the real deal, though, this may be as close as you're going to get.

[Thanks, marky mark]