Chew through the undersea ecosystem in Hungry Shark Trilogy HD

I have a new favorite iPad game, and it is Hungry Shark Trilogy HD. Maybe it's because I have an unreasonable fear of sharks that I love Hungry Shark so much. It allows me to control the very thing I fear. In Hungry Shark Trilogy you play as the shark, and your mission pretty much mimics a shark's real life: your only goal is to eat and keep eating.

While a singular goal might seem rather monotonous, it's anything but. The Hungry Shark world is full of things to explore. As you chomp and bite your way though dozens of kinds of fish, penguins, scuba divers and seagulls, you'll discover just how rich the undersea environment is. There are hidden caves, sea mines and secret objects galore. As the shark, the more you eat, the more you grow and the stronger you become, which comes in handy when you come across the best boss of any iPad game -- the giant crab. Eating also allows you to earn points, which unlocks other Hungry Shark episodes, or levels, in the game.

Hungry Shark Trilogy HD for iPad is an update to the popular Hungry Shark series for iPhone. And if you've played Hungry Shark on the iPhone, you'll be blown away by the game on the iPad. The game really shines on the iPad's larger screen, and the developers at Future Games of London have been able to work a lot more background detail into the ocean environment. The iPad version also offers all three "episodes" of the Hungry Shark iPhone games in one. It also gives the user two ways to control the shark: via the iPad's built-in accelerometer, or by onscreen joysticks.

My only gripe with the game is that I wish it had an option where you didn't have to continually eat to survive. That way you could take your time and fully explore the game's undersea worlds. Hungry Shark Trilogy HD is available on the App Store now for US$4.99.